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Finding Time for my Personal Faith Journey

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The world of Education, like all career fields these days, is busy.  It always feels like there is just not enough time – not enough time to complete the required work, address the needs and requests of students and other stakeholders, and also meet my own professional growth and learning needs through continued study in the field and through growing in my faith.  Every day feels like a battle between completing the necessities and making time for the “nice to dos.”  I am a morning person and like to start my day with bible study and prayer.  However, as things got busy over the spring and summer, I found that I did not dedicate the time I needed to my personal faith journey.  I would get up in the mornings and immediately start grading papers or responding to student emails.  And, starting my days this way impacted my work.  I was tired and unpleasant.  And, I was unable to share my love for Christ with my students.  Not taking the time for my walk with Jesus made me a less effective teacher.  As this fall semester has started, I have committed to returning to my previous habit of starting my day with bible study and prayer.  And, it is making a huge difference.  I don’t get as many papers graded before my family wakes up and needs me in the mornings, but I am still getting everything that is truly necessary done.  And, I feel more successful in both my personal and professional lives.  Taking the time for our own personal faith journeys is critical for all educators, but especially for those of us who are faith-based SPED professionals.

Dr. Marla J. Lohmann is an Assistant Professor of Special Education at Colorado Christian University, where she is blessed to prepare faith-based teachers for careers in Special Education.  She can be contacted at