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July CEC-FBSO Newsletter

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Happy United States Independence Day, CEC-FBSO members.    I hope you are all having a great summer! 
This summer saw an interesting legal development for faith-based organizations with the Supreme Court case regarding the preschool playground at Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbia, MO.  The Supreme Court ruled that religious organizations are entitled to the same grant funding as other non-profit organizations, as long as the funds are being used for the common good and not for religious purposes.  For those of us working in religious organizations, this is great news.  This means that our programs for students with disabilities are eligible for the same government grants as similar services provided by secular non-profit organizations.
Thank you to everyone who has responded to the Interest Survey; so far, we have had nine responses and we are hoping for at least a few more before we create small networking groups.  Based on your answers to the survey, I am thrilled that so many of you are interested in writing articles for our monthly newsletter (the articles are also posted on the blog).  To allow you more freedom to choose when you write, I have created an online sign-up sheet, where CEC-FBSO members can sign up to share their personal faith-career integration story or to share their research/passion (or both).  The link to the sign-up sheet is located in the email members received via email.  Please sign up to write an article in the coming months.
Have a great summer!