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Progress Monitoring for Reading

Progress Monitoring with Curriculum-Based Reading Measurements for SPED students By: Melissa Snodgrass and Dr. Marla J. Lohmann As Special Education teachers, we are charged with supporting the needs of students with disabilities.  Effectively meeting the needs of our students involves high quality instruction, evidence-based interventions, and regular progress monitoring to evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction and interventions.  Progress monitoring is critical because it allows teachers to evaluate both a student’s reading level, as well as the student’s growth, in comparison to expected improvements based on grade-level norms (Fuchs & Fuchs, 1999), and to make instructional adjustments as necessary (Jenkins, Hudson, & Lee, 2007).  In addition, progress monitoring is a critical component for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, also known as MTSS (Eagle, Dowd-Eagle, Snyder, & Holtzman, 2015). The results of reading progress monitoring can be used for making decisions a…

A Lesson for the Teacher

A Lesson for the Teacher By: Breanna Adkins
Convicted, I sat in my empty classroom after a long day. “God, do I act like my second graders?” This prayer finally reached my lips after God spoke to my heart through my interactions with my students during the day. It had been one of those days. Those days that make you wonder if you are really meant to be a teacher. The days when sitting in a silent office filing papers sounds more appealing than teaching a room full of rambunctious children. I thought back to the number of times I had to repeat directions. The number of times I had to remind my students to be kind to one another. The number of times I was frustrated at my students for not forgiving small misunderstandings with one another. Suddenly, it made sense why God refers to us as His children so often in His Word. How many times throughout my life, or even a day, does God look down at me and think, “If only she were more kind to others,” or “Why can she not forgive, when I have fo…